Service on anniversary of George Floyd:

watch here

Virtual National Convention:

Saturday 24th of July at 10 AM : Fearless Men

Saturday 24th of July at 1PM : Fearless Women

Saturday 24th of July at 3PM: Fearless Youth

Sunday 25th of July at 4PM: Fearless Kids


Churches Together In Luton Pentecost Praise:

Sunday 23 May 2021:

4 pm - Pentecost Praise Service
- YouTube or Facebook

6:30 pm - Pentecost Prayer
- on Zoom

save the date - and plan to be there.

Watch a video about the service


Women's Discipleship Ministries Virtual Healthy Nutritional evening: 

An opportunity to learn more about maintaining good health physically, spiritually and mentally.


Bedfordshire Against Violence & Exploitation:

BAVEX is the partnership campaign supported by a variety of different agencies across Bedfordshire to raise
awareness of the various forms of modern slavery and exploitation that take sadly place in the county.
The campaign particularly focuses on those forms of exploitation linked to organised crime.
This includes child criminal exploitation through county lines, child sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation
through things like forced begging, shoplifting or money laundering, sexual exploitation in places like brothels,
labour exploitation in different industries as well as the cuckooing of vulnerable people’s homes.
We have worked with a number of local groups and organisations to produce and publicise videos and graphics
which raise awareness of these issues among our communities, encouraging people to come forward with any
information and for potential victims to seek help.
We would be grateful for your support and would ask that you use the resources available in this pack to promote
key messages through your channels and to support your local activity / campaign work.
Please contact us if you have any questions relating to this campaign:
E: T: 01234 842390



The Engine Room: via zoom

Theme: The Engine Room is a national prayer strategy designed to underpin the mission and ministry of the New Testament Church of God at national, district and local levels. During these sessions, prayers are offered for a wide range of needs as well as thanksgiving for all God has done and will continue to do in the lives of his people.

Wednesday 17th March 

Wednesday 14th April

Wednesday 12h May

Wednesday 9th June

Wednesday 7th July 

Wednesday 11th August

Wednesday 8th September 

Wednesday 6th October 

Wednesday 10th November 

Wednesday 8th December



Women's Discipleship Ministries; Let's Go There Podcast:

Monday 8th March 2021

Theme: Real Talk. Real Issues. Real Life. 

Women's Discipleship Ministries Virtual Wellbeing Event:

Saturday 20 March 2021: 1pm- 3pm via zoom

Theme: Physical and Mental Well-being by Occupational Health Nurse and a Human Resources Consultant. Mental Health including how professionals assess mental state by Mental Health Specialist. Spiritual well-being in alignment with 3 John 2. Helpful tips from Human Resources Consultant on self-isolation and employment issues around Covid-19. Opportunity to ask questions. Handouts available which can be delivered. For more information please contact: Gillian Pinnock: 07809 126505 or Angela Mendez: 07368 892448


Women's Discipleship Ministries Virtual Retreat:

Saturday 6th March 2021: 10am - 1pm via zoom

Theme: My Spiritual & Physical Wellbeing 
Host: National Director WDM Mrs Joycelyne E. Bolt 
Presenters: Dr Andrea Hayles, Rev Sheryl Mason, Ms Rachelle Harrison.

Women's Discipleship Ministries Quiz Night:

Saturday 20th February 2021: 7pm via zoom

*Food * Drinks *
*Singing * Praising *
*Prayer Session*





Prayer Seminar:

Saturday 13th March 2021: 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Theme: Pray until the ground shakes
Host: Mrs Alva Thomas NTCG Luton District WDM President
Guest Speaker: Pastor Elaire Reid from NTCG Farnborough
Speaker: Mrs Donna Cox Local WDM President - NTCG Luton



Bible Studies: 8pm via zoom

Critical Thinking: 6:30pm via zoom

A.S.K Prayer Meeting: Friday 8pm via zoom

Sunday Worship Service: 1pm